Seisenbachquelle Waidring
Steinplatte Waidring - viewing platform
Bergbahnen Fieberbrunn - Streuböden
Alpensportbad St. Ulrich
Forellenranch/kiosk next to the Pillersee
Bergbahn Pillersee/Jakobskreuz
Hoametzl Hut Hochfilzen
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The interactive family adventure game in the Kitzbüheler Alps. Solve outdoor and indoor puzzles and to something good for the environment! * 


* At the End of the year the PillerseeTal tourist board will get involved and provide financial support to aid the preservation and clean-up of the region, the protection of the environment and the conservation of species.

That’s what it’s all about!

The Mystery of the Steinbergking tells the tale of the legendary Steinbergking,
creator of the Alps who rules the underground world. 
By playing a trick, he was able to gain magical powers which allows him
to transform anything he touches into stone.

Possessed by a drive for domination and thirst for power, he is now trying
to conquer the world above ground too.

Help us, together with the forest-elves, to defeat the Steinbergking
with the magical words of power!


What’s happening...

  • Part 1

    The Steiner family live in the PillerseeTal and love going hiking. Recently they have noticed some mysterious stony figures on
    their walking tours.

    During their latest walk through PillerseeTal, they discovered a track of pebbles and strange footprints on the path, leading to the entrance to an old tunnel.  Once there, they could hardly believe their eyes: inside the mountain was a large stone figure moving with slow, heavy steps…

  • Part 2

    As a swarm of startled bats flew out, the stone giant reached out his hand and touched one of the bats which fell to the ground like a stone. Then he stomped slowly back inside the mountain and disappeared.

    The family wanted to flee the scene when Felix spotted something moving under one of the stones. He and Antonia found an injured elf beneath the bat which had been turned
    into stone.

  • Part 3

    Felix and Antonia carried the elf from the tunnel where she told them everything:

    “The scary giant is the Steinbergking who lives in his rocky palace deep inside the mountain. He has long been the ruler of the underground kingdom and creator of the Alps. He keeps trying to conquer the world inhabited by humans, elves and animals. He succeeded in capturing an elf and threatened to attack her and all of us if we did not grant him the magic power of ruling above ground. The elf gave in and granted him the power of transforming everything he touches into stone. Since then, he has been roaming the area and turning all creatures to stone which cannot run away fast enough. But he is slow and heavy as he is also made from stone himself”.

    But the elves have a plan for stopping the Steinbergking.

  • Part 4

    The elves have created the words of power to rob the Steinbergking of this power. The elves themselves are not able to say these words because they cannot upset the balance of power.
    However humans are allowed to decode the magic words through careful and clever collaboration to force the Steinbergking back into his kingdom.

    The Steinbergking loses part of his magic powers with each word of power spoken. Once he has completely lost all of his magic powers, the animals and humans he has transformed into stone will return to their original state.

    The magic of the words of power can only be uttered once per person.

  • Part 5

    But the elves do not trust humans and so people first have to prove themselves by solving the puzzles set by the elves. This ensures that the humans are capable of tackling adventure and clever enough to act appropriately.

    Just as the elf was about to reveal all of the puzzle locations, there was a rustling and rumbling sound behind the family.

    The Steinbergking!

    When the family turned back towards the elf, she had disappeared and the family fled the scene as quickly as they could. Once they were back to safety, they decided to look for the elf puzzle stations and to help other brave families in their search for the words of power.
    And so your adventure in PillerseeTal begins...

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How it works

Start your free* adventure on-site, solve the puzzle and defeat the Steinbergking with 
the words of power!

* Playing is free.
However payment is required to enter the establishments.

All stations are included on purchasing the PillerseeTal-Card. 
The Kitzbüheler Alpen Summer Card includes the mountain railways, the Pillersee lake and the Seisenbachquelle Kneipp facility.

Find the puzzle stations

Find the various puzzle stations in the PillerseeTal and work together as a family/team to solve the tasks! Search for secret clues around the stations and set your inner explorer free!

To the puzzle stations

Solve the riddle

All stations require logic, teamwork, skill and lots of fun! Once you have solved the riddle, elven symbols are revealed which you can then translate with the aid of the language wheel. Then enter the decoded word of power online here.

Enter word of power & collect a reward

Register on the website and enter the words of power you have found – once you have entered your 4th word of power, you can collect your reward
from the PillerseeTal tourist office (from Monday to Saturday) and on Sundays just from the gondolas!

The PillerseeTal Kompass

Holidays in the Kitzbüheler Alps

The PillerseeTal is THE paradise for active sports fans, outdoor enthusiasts and families and is one of Austria’s most beautiful and peaceful holiday regions.

Your holidays in the PillerseeTal

PillerseeTal and the five towns Fieberbrunn, Hochfilzen, St. Jakob in Haus, St. Ulrich am Pillersee and Waidring are situated in the heart of the Kitzbüheler Alps, framed by the Loferer Steinberge.

The region offers more than 400 km range of tours, exciting excursion destinations on the mountains (like the Jakobskreuz, Timok's Wild World or the Triassic Park), a lot of bike and mountainbike routes, 3 swimming lakes and one indoor pool!

If you are looking for something extra special, you will find what you are looking for here in the form of llama trekking, the Biathlon World Championship Trail and the Escape Room.

The towns are easily to reach by all commuter trains (no IC, EC and RailJet trains!) or buses. With your valid guest card all commuter trains from Hochfilzen <-> Wörgl and regio- and post buses within the PillerseeTal are included!



Starting point for your adventure

Overall, the PillerseeTal is home to 5 locations, each of which provides plenty of variety with (family) highlights.
The Steinbergking puzzle stations are distributed throughout the PillerseeTal. Seek out your ideal starting point and set off on your adventure…

  • Zusatz


    Fieberbrunn is the biggest resort in PillerseeTal. The offer for families with children here is extensive: from adventure-packed climbing tours to refreshing dips in the lake and Timok's Alpine Coaster – there is everything you could want here. Action enthusiasts will find the adrenaline boost they are seeking in summer and winter while relaxation-seekers can discover their own oasis of nature - whether during walking and biking or skiing, freeriding and cross-country skiing.

  • Zusatz


    The sunny peaks of the Kitzbüheler Alps are a little bit closer at an altitude of 1000m in Hochfilzen. Hochfilzen is renowned across the world for its biathlon: the Biathlon World Championship Trail is a must for all fans and wannabe fans! Quiz questions about the biathlon have to be answered at the various stations. Once you have all the right answers, a medal awaits at the collection stations!.

  • Zusatz

    St. Jakob in Haus

    Discover the stunning panoramic peak of the Buchensteinwand and the adventure park "Erlebnispark Familienland" in St. Jakob in Haus. The little getaway village invites you for a restful summer holiday! And the village's glittering snowfields and snow-capped mountaintops promise you the brightest prospects for your chilled out winter holiday. 

  • Zusatz

    St. Ulrich am Pillersee

    Framed by the Loferer Steinberge and the grass mountains of the Kitzbühel Alps, St. Ulrich am Pillersee is an island of rest and relaxation. Here you can spend the most wonderful days of your year. The snow-covered winter landscape in St. Ulrich am Pillersee surrounding the eponymous Lake Pillersee offers scores of leisure activities, such as cross-country skiing, winter hiking, skiing and ice skating.

  • Zusatz


    The Triassic Park on the Steinplatte enables visitors of all ages to submerse themselves in the world of 200 million years ago at a number of interactive stations. In winter, the Steinplatte family ski resort in the border triangle impresses with the highest levels of comfort and a snow park for snowboarders and freeskiers. Cross-country skiing and sledging complete the offer.


Book now your holiday

Find your ideal starting point for your adventure around the Steinbergking and explore all the other highlights of the region.
The PillerseeTal is a safe choice for families and offers plenty of experiences for an unforgettable holiday!

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